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Mary John Carter

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Would you like to have a baby bib that is not only unique but personalized? Design your own baby bib. Personalize it with a name or cute saying along with a design of your choice. You can pick bib size, bib color, thread color for the wording, and the design of your choice. Or you can pick a plain baby bib and personalize with a name without a design. A lot of examples of personalized baby bibs are shown to give you ideas. You can also buy plain baby bibs and personalize them yourself. SEE PARAGRAPHS THREE AND FOUR FOR ANNOUNCEMENT.
Hello, my name is Mary John Carter, welcome to my website. I am a retired school teacher and a grandma. Sewing is one thing that I've always loved to do. Because I am a grandma that likes to sew, I have made a lot of baby bibs for my grandchildren. My kids loved my baby bibs and kept asking for more. Before long they were also wanting me to make baby bibs as gifts for their friends who have little ones of their own. This is how I got started in the baby bib business.
ANNOUNCEMENT Due to a serious illness in our family, I do not have time to continue my business. I am trying to decide if I will sell my business or simply sell my blank bibs without embroidery. I just know that I do not have time to take care of family matters and still sew like I have for the past 20 years. It is sad because I love sewing and love my very successful business!
If you know anyone who does embroidery, you can buy blanks and have them embroidered locally. Then you can be creative and design your own! I have bibs in smalls and larges completely finished in all colors, just no embroidery. My business is made up of my specially made bibs and not really the embroidery - I guess both actually. However, if a new customer buys my bibs, nine times out of ten they will return for more bibs. This I know. I cut prices for quick sale so you can buy blanks and be creative.
CLOSE OUT ON ALL SMALL SIZES IN THE PRINTS(for as long as they last.) REGULAR PRICES $5.50 - SALE PRICE $1.50 each. All the larges are sold out so now I'm lowering the price more to clear out the smalls.
ALL CAMO BIBS (small and large sizes)ARE ON SALE FOR $3.25.

9266 Highway 34
Hammon, OK  73650-5018